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One Response to “About”

  1. illegalalientouscitizen Says:

    Please do not read my blog if you are racist, a bigot, or a member of the KKK and think that all illegal aliens should be deported or worse, that we should all be killed Nazi style and sent straight to hell. Please stop reading right now, if that is actually how you feel.

    I am an American citizen residing in the U.S. I read the paper every day, and I wish I could respond every time I see yet another article, another letter to the editor demonizing people like me who crossed the border illegally to enter into the U.S. Because I am unable to respond to all those letters, I am writing this blog to anyone who is willing to actually take the time to know what you call an illegal alien.

    Please walk with me on my journey. Run with me trying not to get caught. Put your hands behind your back and let’s get arrested together. Cry with me when they call you a fucking wetback, a fucking immigrant, a spic, an illegal alien, etc. Cry with me because you can’t speak English and can’t respond. Cry also because you get the message; you understand the language of hatred. And then also be there when people literally throw rocks, dirt, freezing water and anything they can get their hands on at you. Rejoice with me when you realize that your spirit is strong enough to withstand and overcome the evil that lies in the hearts of many human beings.

    Thank you for joining me. Please find my blog entries under Archives. For the Spanish version of my blog, please go to http://www.ilegalyamericana.wordpress.com

    Liliana Fidalgo

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